Content Manager (m/f/d) - Munich Office


Job Description

The main purpose of the Content Manager’s job is to work with L.E.K. Partners and consultants at both a local and global level, to create and facilitate the reuse of valuable intellectual property (IP), which will have a direct impact on the sales and delivery efficiency of the company. 

The role requires proactive co-ordination to develop the business development content in conjunction with the Partners.

The Content Manager will work with local Partners, case teams and global Communities of Practice (CoPs), to embed the appropriate behaviours and practices, in order to unleash the potential of truly global knowledge-sharing across L.E.K.

The Content Manager will actively support their Partners by producing and sourcing the most relevant content to underpin the communities’ sales, marketing and delivery activity, such as credentials packs and case studies.

Knowledge of strategy consulting or a consulting background would be extremely beneficial, so that the Content Manager understands how the required content will be used subsequently.  They will understand how to formulate the content to facilitate future reuse and extract the value from past experience.

The Content Manager needs to inspire and sustain a high degree of commitment to knowledge sharing from the consulting staff, so that they realise the value in creating good quality IP.

Key roles, responsibilities and tasks

The Content Manager will focus on two main areas: content generation and content management. 

Content generation includes the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Create content that can be leveraged by Partners and case teams in the future, e.g. credentials packs, synthesis of hot topics or themes emerging from across a number of cases
  • Write publication level text, to produce high quality material, ready for review by the Partners before being communicated externally
  • Work closely with the Partners on their sales and marketing activities, to identify hotspots and offers that need to have supporting material generated and focus on the generation of that collateral
  • Provide support to the Partner group for ad hoc requests, relating to BD or case activities, requiring the production of specific content, e.g. credentials pack
  • Provide support to the Marketing team through the creation of case summaries, which can be used in client development activities

Content management includes the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Work with local consultants to capture client development work and make it available for reuse via the global L.E.K. Knowledge Management (KM) system
  • Facilitate the reuse of past experience by local case teams at case start-up, by directing them to the most relevant content
  • Instigate, track and participate in the case debrief process at case closure, so that case teams capture the most valuable and reusable case content to support future sales and delivery activity
  • Develop their sales and delivery content and push it to the business via the KM system and other communications
  • Provide regular communications to the office and relevant communities, to maintain the KM voice and visibility in the business, to highlight new collateral and resources on the KM system and to encourage feedback, in order to drive on-going development of KM tools and practices
  • Train consultants on all aspects of the KM system, processes, policies and goals, to drive consultant participation
  • Maintain viable metrics on all aspects of the KM process in Munich, including case debriefs, content being reused and contributed to the KM system
  • Work with other knowledge managers around the world, to share best practice and be a part of a strong global team

Key competencies and skills

The Content Manager will be the resident expert on all aspects of content management within the office.  As such, they will need:

  • Excellent written/verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to write external copy for sales and marketing purposes
  • Preferably, a background in strategy consulting, to be familiar with the strategy consulting business and the type of content that needs to be generated
  • Energy, enthusiasm and drive to create a positive working relationship with the Partners and consultants and deliver projects in a timely fashion
  • The ability to engage with stakeholders at all levels of the business
  • Diligence in creating a systematic and logical approach to content management in their area of influence
  • Ability to multi-task, incorporating good organisational skills and flexibility, to prioritise work and deliver the maximum business value
  • Ability to build strong networks across the business to develop sponsorship, relationships and support for KM goals at all levels of the business 

Education, qualifications and training


  • First degree
  • Fluency in English and German

Strongly desirable

  • KM experience
  • Strategy consulting experience, consulting background
  • Business development experience
  • Journalism experience / proven writing ability

This opportunity is closed to applications.