U.S. Consultant - Houston office


L.E.K.’s Houston office opened in 2018 to support further expansion and growth of the firm’s Oil & Gas practice. The L.E.K. Houston team has deep industry experience and strategic expertise, enabling us to get ahead of changes in the rapidly evolving energy industry and better anticipate the needs of our clients. In addition to oil & gas, our Houston office also provides expert support to clients in the chemicals and utilities sectors.

Consultants at L.E.K. are ambitious and bright professionals committed to solving some of businesses toughest problems. Coming from diverse backgrounds and using their creativity and problem solving skills, Consultants at L.E.K. lead case teams to provide our clients with actionable advice and the best strategic plans for their business.

Consultants at L.E.K. manage case teams right from the start, offering a challenging and rewarding environment for new MBA graduates. By leading and managing day-to-day case activities, Consultants are given the opportunity to take the lead in solving some of the toughest business problems our clients face, as well as have a high level of responsibility early on. This opportunity allows L.E.K. Consultants to develop the business acumen necessary to quickly identify key client issues and management skills to effectively lead early in their career.

Once the key issues have been identified, the Consultant typically forms a plan to find the answers to these critical questions. The Consultant will lay out the strategy to the team for finding information on market growth drivers, competitive profiling, or areas of potential operational improvement for the client. While managing the junior members of the team, a significant responsibility of L.E.K. Consultants is the guidance and mentorship of more junior staff on a day-to-day basis

L.E.K. Consultants are on point to ensure the team is on-track to accurately solve the problem and deliver an answer. Consultants supervise analyses, develop the structure for the final output, provide quality control, and participate in the delivery of the case conclusion to the client’s senior management.


Why L.E.K. is Different

The role of an L.E.K. Consultant is differentiated from the broader market because of these key reasons:

  • Immediate Management Responsibility – L.E.K. hires two undergraduates for every one Consultant - new Consultants have the opportunity to manage Associates and case process from day one
  • International Experience – Approximately one-third of L.E.K. projects involve an international component, which allows Consultants to work in international case teams or, if they choose, to relocate to international offices on either a temporary or a full-time basis
  • Upward Mobility – L.E.K. is a meritocracy with an entrepreneurial culture. Promotion paths do not follow a strict timeline; we promote people as quickly as they develop.
  • Breadth of experience - L.E.K. projects span strategy, M&A and operations with a deep focus on strategy. Consultants will typically work on ~6-10 projects a year resulting in a stronger foundation across business skills with a breadth of industry exposure.
  • Fun, Stimulating Work Environment – There is a greater sense of camaraderie in offices given that L.E.K. teams spend substantially more time in their home office relative to teams at peer firms.


Qualifications and Experience Needed

L.E.K. seeks highly motivated, creative, and entrepreneurial candidates who possess strong finance skills, effective interpersonal and communication skills, leadership qualities, and uncompromising ethics.

L.E.K Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer

This opportunity is closed to applications.