U.S. Life Sciences Specialist - 2020

Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Life Sciences Specialist Position

If you’re a bright, ambitious life-sciences-focused Ph.D or MD interested in tackling some of the most interesting business problems, consider joining L.E.K. as a Life Sciences Specialist (LSS).

LSSs are central to our industry-leading life sciences work. You’ll quickly take on significant responsibility as you play a crucial role on each case team, leading work modules and synthesizing research to draw critical conclusions that address core client issues. Your ability to apply your unique skills to conduct high-quality work is critical to the breakthroughs that make a lasting impact for our clients.

While casework varies every day, LSSs’ primary responsibilities typically include:

  • Applying your technical and scientific expertise to contextualize key client issues and define hypotheses
  • Conducting primary and secondary research on clients’ markets, customers, and competitors
  • Performing rigorous analysis to drive insights and actionable recommendations
  • Collaborating with team members to communicate key findings to the client in written presentations and verbal interactions that deliver maximum impact

L.E.K. recruits the best and the brightest, then offers them the broadest range of high-impact, frequent, and diverse cases for maximum learning. As an LSS, you’ll gain comprehensive training that integrates science, business, and economics, and experience as not only a technical expert, but also a business expert. You will develop cutting-edge strategic and managerial skills that provide a strong foundation for a career at L.E.K. and strategic leadership in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

In addition to very competitive compensation and benefits, we promote LSSs to Consultants as fast as they develop, based on demonstrated performance.

Click here for more on the LSS experience at L.E.K.

Why L.E.K.?

The Life Sciences Specialist role at L.E.K. is differentiated from alternatives in several key ways:

  • Meaningful management opportunities: LSSs will quickly gain responsibility for managing Associates and core project workstreams day-to-day.
  • Breadth of experiences: While our projects span many services and company types, our focus is strategy and M&A. LSSs typically work on ~6-10 projects a year, providing greater exposure across clients and strategic issues, as well as faster development of business acumen.
  • Fun, stimulating work environment: L.E.K. teams spend substantially more time in their home office relative to teams at peer firms, and we pride ourselves on a vibrant social culture, including case team events, office parties, non-profit involvement, and much more. 
  • International exposure: Approximately 65% of LSSs gain international exposure within their first 3 years, either through projects staffed across global offices, travel to international client locations, or, if they choose, by relocating to an international office on either a temporary or a full-time basis. Click here for more on our international Swap program.
  • Upward mobility: L.E.K. is a meritocracy with an entrepreneurial culture and frequent feedback. Promotion paths do not follow a strict timeline; we promote people as quickly as they develop.



While we don’t use a rigid checklist, we look for a combination of attributes in candidates that provide a solid foundation for a successful career at L.E.K., including leadership, drive, intellectual curiosity and academic achievement, analytical ability, teamwork, and uncompromising ethics. LSSs at L.E.K. typically have Ph.Ds, MDs, or other advanced degrees.


L.E.K Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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