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Date 2015-04-15
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- U.S. Associate - Indiana Kelley School of Business - '14

Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco
Associate Position:

The focal point of an L.E.K. project team is at the Associate level. The Associate is responsible for the comprehensive research and analysis upon which each client engagement is based. Success of the team is dependent upon the quality and creativity of the analysis that Associates perform under the guidance of senior team members.

Specific responsibilities include:

-Gathering primary and secondary data on markets, competitors, and customers through database and Internet searches, market research and other commercial reports, internal client data, and telephone and in-person interviews.

-Developing rigorous strategic and financial analysis that will be utilized to determine L.E.K.’s recommendation to the client. Examples include developing a spreadsheet model of market growth and competitor share, developing a valuation model for a company or product using discounted cash flow analysis, testing customer sensitivity to product attributes using adaptive conjoint analysis, or determining probability distributions of acquisition value.

-Collaborating with project team members to derive trends, conclusions, and recommendations based upon the analysis. An Associate must transform what he or she has learned into thoughtful insights regarding the client’s strategic direction.

-Making L.E.K. an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. This includes coaching colleagues and transferring skills, offering constructive advice, and contributing to the social environment of the office.

Application Requirements:

L.E.K. does not have a rigid checklist of qualities a potential Associate must possess. Rather, our recruiting experience has shown that outstanding academic achievement, comfort with quantitative analysis, significant professional experiences, notable extracurricular interests, and demonstrated leadership and initiative are excellent preparation for a position within the Associate Program at L.E.K. Consulting. L.E.K. does have a minimum GPA cut off of 3.4

How to Apply:

In order to be considered, please apply through career services in addition to our website

This opportunity is closed to applications.