Shanghai Office - 2020 Summer MBA Consultant


We recruit Consultants from the world's top graduate schools of business.

The Consultant role is at the core of our case team structure. As a Consultant, you will work closely up and down the team with Associates, Managers, Principals and Managing Directors. Our case team structure provides Consultants with a unique opportunity to manage a team of Associates from day one. You will have primary responsibility for breaking down and analyzing the client's strategic issues, developing recommendations and communicating those recommendations.

We promote Consultants based on demonstrated performance and contributions. The promotion path to Senior Consultant, Manager, Principal and then Managing Director does not follow a strict timeline; we promote people as fast as they develop.

L.E.K. offers superior, diversified business training with immediate management responsibility that more quickly prepares you for leadership and problem solving in any business organization. You will see the most complex business situations and solve the most challenging business issues at a rapid pace. 

While casework needs will vary every day, your role will involve: 

  • Collaborating with Managing Directors, Principals and Managers to outline key business issues
  • Structuring analyses and approaches to answer these critical questions
  • Managing the team’s day-to-day activities
  • Ensuring the team is on track to accurately solve the problem and deliver an answer. Consultants supervise analyses, develop the structure for the final output and participate in the delivery of the answer to the client. 

Ideal candidates should possess the following qualities and qualifications:

  • Candidates with at least 3 years of outstanding track record in consulting or relevant industry
  • Excellent Chinese and English language abilities
  • Eligible to work in China
  • Capable of critical thinking, enjoy problem solving, and possess strong curiosity for new knowledge
  • Efficient and good at time management